Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

"Vinyasa is considered the heart of Hatha Yoga. It implies the movement integrated with the breath and connects various postures generating awareness about harmony and fluidity.”

This course is a fascination in the application of vinyasa and a journey from its current proposals, evolution and origin. The training provides a vision of the modern styles that are obtained from this practice of yoga. It comprises knowledge and tools which are important to design and compose a vinyasa. It is a great chance to acquire the important resources to regulate vinyasa with all types of students and various levels of practice.

About This Course

The vinyasa yoga course especially permits you to strengthen your practice, solve every doubt so that the position of the body part can be understood, design and plan sessions and find new knowledge and material.

Specific Topics Are Addressed, Including :

  • Alignment, anatomy and biomechanics.
  • The tools linked with one's creativity.
  • The support to create sequences within a conscious and respectful practice.
  • The premises of sequencing.

  • Our teachers and experts from hatha yoga not only end up being teachers, in the training of teaching staff it is about viewing the type that we love to practice which is not always that we prefer or like to share at the hour of teaching.

What Will You Get ?

After finishing the course of vinyasa yoga teacher training course, you will get :

  • A certified yoga teacher of vinyasa which would be recognized internationally by our yoga school.
  • The confidence to train vinyasa yoga to the students efficiently and effectively.
  • Assist after the course
  • World authorization

With our authentication, you can train vinyasa yoga around the world. Our teacher training courses of yoga are certified by :

  • Yoga Alliance
  • International Yoga Federation
  • International Yoga Association

This vinyasa yoga teacher training course is specially planned for those people who desire to increase their teaching skills and knowledge including vinyasa yoga. The certification of this yoga teacher training is suitable for all levels of professionals. Vinyasa Yoga, also called Power Vinyasa is demanding and also has to change and adapt some features of the class to make it more available to students. During one-week, you will get to study how to acquire the class to vinyasa flow level and also give individual modifications.

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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