Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

"Vinyâsa is the heart of Hatha Yoga. It alludes to the movement synchronized with the breath and links different postures creating awareness about fluidity and harmony.”

This Specialization Course is an immersion in the practice of Vinyâsa and a journey from its origin, its evolution, and current proposals. The course offers a broad vision about the most modern styles that have derived from the practice of Yoga in its dynamic modality. It includes the tools and knowledge necessary to compose and design a Vinyâsa or a complete session of Vinyâsa Yoga, either for personal practice or to be able to transmit it to the students in the classes. It is an opportunity to obtain the necessary resources to work the Vinyâsa with all kinds of students and different levels of practice.

About this Course

The Vinyâsa Yoga Specialization Course allows you to deepen your practice, solve doubts to understand the position of each body part in the movement, plan and design sessions and find new material and knowledge.

Specific topics are addressed, including:

  • Anatomy, biomechanics, and alignment
  • The philosophical aspects inherent in the practices of Vinyasa
  • The pedagogy that facilitates the teaching of complete sessions
  • The sequencing and its premises
  • The tools to connect with one's creativity
  • The support to design sequences within a respectful and conscious practice

Our teachers are from Hatha Yoga that does not mean that all end up being teachers of these modalities, in the course of the teaching staff it is about seeing what the style that we like to practice that is not always which we like or prefer to share at the time of teaching.

What will you get?

After completing the Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course, you will receive:

  • A certified Vinyasa yoga teacher internationally recognized by our accredited Yoga school
  • The confidence to teach Vinyasa Yoga to its students effectively and efficiently
  • Support after the course
  • World accreditation

With our certification, you can teach Vinyasa yoga all over the world. Our yoga teacher training courses are certified by:

  • Yoga Alliance
  • International Yoga Federation
  • International Yoga Association

The Vinyasa Yoga teacher training program is specially designed for people who want to expand their knowledge and teaching skills and thus include Vinyasa Yoga. This Vinyasa Yoga teacher certification course is suitable for professionals of all levels. Vinyasa Yoga (sometimes also called Power Vinyasa) is physically demanding and will often have to adapt and change some aspects of the class to make it more accessible to students. During this one-week course, you will get to learn how to adapt the class to an easier Vinyasa Flow level and how to give even more individual modifications whenever necessary.

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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