Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

A pregnant woman is about to open all the doors, to light, travel and cross all roads, which are the same. A pregnant woman has the strength to change the fabric of the world with her conscience. Prenatal yoga offers a key to open those doors. It is an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to accompany that woman to walk with courage the mystery of the journey. Accompany and support and sustain it. And with her to her belly, and with her belly to that of all women, and of the great Earth.

Prenatal yoga is to walk closer to the candle. It is surrounding yourself with the beauty of life that shines and explodes. Prenatal yoga is to be constantly creative, constantly evolving, constantly changing. To be a prenatal Yoga teacher is to understand the seed and from there understand the stem, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit.

Prenatal Yoga Gives You A Happy Life

This training does not simply seek to teach a particular technique; this training aims to experience in you the sacred and transforming power of the ancient science of yoga.

That you let yourself be touched and beautified and that you have the experience of practice, discipline, and training in the mind just as if you were a yogi, that is, a free, compassionate, peaceful and happy being. This training is aimed at women, mothers, and grandmothers, who want to approach gestation, parenting, and motherhood from the fire of consciousness.


For all Yoga teachers who want to learn and teach Pre and Postnatal Yoga classes and pregnant students who have a stable Yoga practice and want to accompany their own gestation period. This Prenatal Yoga training is surely one of the most valuable certificates in your toolkit as a Yoga teacher. Many women between the ages of 25 and 40 who attend a regular yoga class are thinking about starting a family, and that is the reason why you should be trained and prepared.


Every day more women practice Yoga and, when they become pregnant, they want to continue practicing. It is from this need that an opportunity is born to expand your knowledge of Yoga practice, specialized and adapted for such common and natural cases as the cycle of pregnancy.

Our Yoga training is based on the Hatha Vinyasa style, as are all the classes we offer in Ayuskama, including those of Prenatal.

We aim to tell you how to help your student feel agile, strong, connected, relaxed and in shape during their gestation period. You will know how to adapt the practice to your state, contributing to making this magical experience of pregnancy unforgettable.


These are some of the aspects that are treated in the course :

  • You will learn about physical and psychological changes during pregnancy.
  • Know how to teach a safe and beneficial class for all.
  • Understand the philosophy of Yoga and how it affects the experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Feel comfortable and confident to share Yoga and its benefits for pregnancy.
  • Knowledge about breastfeeding and infant massage.

Each weekend begins with Yoga practice. The practices are delivered on paper to have a complete sequence on which you can work.

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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