Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India 2019-2020

Pranayama is a tool for mastering the inner life energy, prana. After the student has mastered exercises for the body (asanas), he proceeds to work with breathing exercises. Having learned to control breathing, you not only improve your respiratory system (physical aspect) but also master the techniques for calming the mind and concentration of attention (energy aspect).

Pranayama is a complex of special breathing exercises, one of the most important tools of yoga, helping a person to control the flow of internal energy. Pranayama allows you to develop the muscles of the chest, clears the airways, stimulates all metabolic processes and generally contributes to the improvement of the body without pills and injections! Also, the technique of conscious breathing has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps to get rid of stress, immersion in deep relaxation.

At regular classes, you will learn about different types of breathing exercises, learn about the effect they have on our body and state of mind. In practice, we will analyze how to perform breathing exercises properly, what mistakes pupils make, how to avoid them, how to use their knowledge in life. As a result, you will feel a noticeable improvement in your physical and emotional state! We will emphasize your teaching according to different yoga traditions as well as how different teachers transfer their knowledge to their disciples. We also want through this Course to give the enormous and indispensable value that pranayama has wiathin the yogic practices and, we think that it is time for yoga teachers to learn and reinforce these methods, perhaps a bit neglected but according to the great one's Teachers, are the most important and have greater benefits in the knowledge, evolution, and welfare of the mind and body.

Teaching style and priority

Learn to breathe well and free your breathing. Discover all the benefits to breathe better.

Inner balance, well-being, and vitality. Breathing is much more than a physiological function. An adequate respiratory education brings us closer to our inner universe. Breathing in a correct way the human being acquires clarity, balance and a wider awareness in its entirety. A path of growth, a first-person experience first of all. A gradual and progressive course, based largely on my experience in the Iyengar tradition, and therapeutic yoga.

The breathing work begins with a correct posture. There is no pranayama without asana. Yoga positions stretch, strengthen, open, relax, and align all the muscular and joint system. The work on the back, the abdomen, the rib cage, and the pelvis positively condition the respiratory act. Relaxation techniques work closely with the opening of breathing. If the practice of the asanas is correct, the breath naturally becomes deeper. Moreover, with the practice of the asanas, the nervous system is balanced, a high degree of self-awareness and introspection develops, pre-requisites essential for the practice of pranayama (yoga breathing) which requires the practitioner to be a silent but attentive observer.

The course aims to deepen the practice of pranayama to discover and experience the nature of Prana and Chakras. Prana is vital energy, Chakras are energetic centers within the body on which all the psychophysical functions of the organism depend, and they are responsible for our state of health. Rebalancing our energy centers allows us not only to be able to free ourselves from problems but also allows us to discover our potential for a more serene and conscious journey of life.

Who is Pranayama Training for?

    To anyone wishing to train in Prânâyâma, either for personal or professional interest or because this part of yoga has not been addressed in a training course already followed.
    Each Pranayama and its derivatives is worked according to the classical method and the method of Nâtha-yoga.

  • Teachers who graduate from other yoga traditions, with a minimum three-year yoga practice who want to broaden their knowledge of Conscious Breath, Technique and Posture, and offer higher quality and professionalism in their lessons. Persons who were trained during an intensive two-week or one-month course are not accepted. In any case, each person will be evaluated independently, depending on the time of practice and other conditions.
  • For students dedicated to corrective yoga or methods that work awareness and technique and who want to improve their practice.
  • Students with a serious regular practice of at least three years who want to deepen their knowledge, dedicate themselves to themselves, learn and improve.
  • To be able to teach pranayama, the interested person must already be a yoga teacher. Prior training in yoga, in general, will be necessary. First, you need to be able to teach asanas.
  • In these cases, if the person concerned is not a yoga teacher, he will be able to make the journey as a personal experience without obtaining the final diploma for the yoga-asana teachers.
  • For students from other yoga methods who are interested in doing research and methodical practice in breath awareness and pranayama - yoga breathing techniques. (The acceptance of these students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).



$ 700 USD (With Food & Sharing Accommodation) $ 500 USD (Without Food & Accommodation)

4th Sept 2019 to 2nd Oct 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
7th Oct 2019 to 4th Nov 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
8th Nov 2019 to 5th Dec 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
9th Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
13 Jan 2020 to 10th Feb 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
14th Feb 2020 to 13th Mar 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
17th Mar 2020 to 14th Apr 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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Pranayama Teacher Training in Rishikesh 2019
11 Mar to 20 Mar 2019: USD 1500 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 )