Panchakarma Treatments In Rishikesh

Panchakarma Treatments In Rishikesh

Regeneration and complete metamorphosis of your body and mind square measure are our agenda throughout this retreat program. Within the captivating and tropical setting of the Ayuskama Panchakarma coaching established within the serene atmosphere of Rishikesh where natural regions of the Republic of India provide the medicines. It is additionally the supply of the teachings of the good rishis on health.

Daily customized treatments, yoga harmonious with nature, and teachings of Ayurvedic science can assist you to build peace of mind and optimum health. It is like a retirement that will provide its fruits for the entire life.

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Panchakarma is the most comprehensive Kriya engaged in Ayurvedic medicine. It is going to be offered and tailored to your nature and will be shaped at the time of your arrival. The care which will be provided throughout will revitalize the important organs and also the numerous body systems that require it.

Retirement is associated as an integral part of the body development offered by the centre. It provides access to credits for this purpose. This is however a chance for anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of yoga without being an advanced practitioner. Faculty courses, optional, will be held regularly during the retreat program.

Panchakarma, The Essential Cure Of Ayurveda

When you ask Google about Panchakarma many pictures of beautiful girls tanning and lying on the massage tables emerge. However, in reality, panchakarma is a deep Ayurvedic Indian traditional medical treatment that isn't concerned about simple well-being.

The Meaning Of The Cure

In today's era, people consume a lot of toxins that are very harmful to health. For example junk food, dietetic ignorance, pollution, contaminated minerals, etc. The toxins can be physical as well as emotional too like stress and depression. If someone wants to be on the path of personal and spiritual development, he has to follow some natural detoxification methods.

Panchkarma is one of the best detoxification methods which one can use to detoxify. This method can flourish toxins from each cell of the body not only from the stomach and intestines. This promotes the regeneration of tissues and cells. It also improves the functioning of all systems which thus purifies our emotions and our thoughts and actions.

So from all the above discussion, we can conclude that panchakarma is the best tool that bears the title of Rasayana.

The Course Is Aimed At :

  • Manual therapists, massage therapists and osteopaths
  • Naturopaths and Physiotherapists
  • Ayurveda specialist
  • Specialist in various consultants and yoga therapy
  • Representatives seeking to expand their learnings of western medicine


1. Basics Of Ayurveda And Introduction To Panchakarma :

You will get the knowledge of basic concepts of Ayurveda and learn about what Panchkarma is, what procedures and processes it includes.

2. Therapy Of Internal Diseases :

The courses will tell you about the stages of development, aetiology and pathogenesis of the principal groups of diseases from the viewpoint of Ayurveda, and knowledge related to the use of Ayurveda plants.

3. Practical Training In Panchakarma Procedures :

Classes will be held to assist people so that they can help in working on the skills on Panchkarma processes as Vishesh Abhyanga, Patra Potli, Shiro Abhyanga, Udvartana and Vishes Nasya.

4. The Use Of Ayurvedic Medicines For Therapeutic Purposes :

You will also get to learn about how medicines of Ayurveda can be useful in treatments for disease.

Practical and theoretical classes on the cleaning processes of Panchkarma are waiting for you. During the classes, you will be aware of how to draw out the protocols of Panchkarma for various groups of diseases and obtain practical skills in methods for performing various Ayurvedic processes.

  • This course is a procedure of deep immersion in the practice and theory of Panchkarma and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Sessions are held in groups for a complete and deeper educational process.
  • The classes include two types - practical and theoretical.
  • After finishing the training and exam successfully, the participants of the course are given a certificate from the Siberian Ayurvedic Institute.

If you wish to have the perfect understanding and knowledge of Panchkarma treatment, then this is the best place to join. We make our students teach under the guidance of educated and experienced yoga experts for complete experience and knowledge.

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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Panchkarma Teacher Training in Rishikesh 2019
11 Mar to 20 Mar 2019: USD 1500 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 )