Meditation Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

Meditation Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

This training course of meditation and yoga aims to direct mindfulness and meditation classes in the workshops, retreats of yoga and sessions. Several revealed scientific forms of analysis corroborate the satisfaction and welfare of ancient sitting meditation. This specialization course is intended to know the effective methods and practices that surround the practices of heedfulness and meditation brought by the great yogis and which are presently being developed.

People who had experienced the benefits of the course of mindfulness and meditation are now experiencing greater calmness, awareness of the emotions, body and mind, larger vitality, a better and good relationship with oneself. It helps to create conscious, innate and integral wisdom which is featured by compassion, clarity and openness.

The course seeks to recover what has been lost, which is essential to living consciously and free from stress.

Meditation Offers :

  • Exercises related to breathing
  • Scripts and sequences of meditation
  • Energetic exercises in sitting and movement
  • Meditation pedagogy
  • Meditative asanas, specific mantras, mudras, visualisations and series of meditation sessions
  • Theoretical and practical material essential to provide meditation workshops and classes.

Additionally, it includes a mix of meditative group integrations, experiential dynamics, meditative practices and research processes. The residential system also comprises yoga Nidra, circles of Vedic fire, conscious feeding, practices of asanas and contemplative walks.

The training offers in-depth knowledge of the course including the art and science of meditation. It also gives the training to teach in the meditation classes. The classes are given with effective and precise sequences with a scientific, spiritual, biological and psychological foundation. The course has been updated with the latest researches of sciences, providing great familiarity with the philosophy and teachings of the tradition of yoga about mindfulness and meditation.

DURATION: Four weeks (Sundays off)

1200 USD

(without food & accommodation)

1600 USD – Prior booking recommended.

(with food & accommodation)

Who Is This Specialization Course For ?

It especially concentrates on yoga teachers and instructors with particular titles from any training centre or school who desires to acquire the tools to commence meditation in yoga workshops and sessions in addition to get guidelines, pedagogical skills and instructions within this specialisation. It equally focuses on people who want to deepen their knowledge about yoga or professionals.

Will I Get Any Certification ?

The yoga instructors and teachers who can Authorize their training with a minimum of 200 hours will get the certificate. This course grants the qualification of a specialized educator in Meditation and attentiveness.

All who are Practitioners, therapists, professionals, and anyone interested, receive a Certificate of Specialization Course in Meditation.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is termed as the art of awareness, being in silence, observant of the character of your mind. As a result, we tend to gain a transcendental state, a state which is outside of the everyday mind or a state which is outside of non-public perception.

Historically, several great personalities from The great Alexandra to Nikola Tesla were looking to find the answers to this universe via meditation. Nowadays too many professionals from athletes to leaders practice meditation to improve their life's efficiency.

Even if you take away the upper goals and new prospects of consciousness, which is provided by the practice of meditation, meditation is the best medicine to relieve chronic stress and develop stress resistance!

Meditation can be understood as a set of techniques in yoga and different disciplines of human development, yoga meditation brings the mind into a transparent and targeted state.

Meditation is the highest technique of yoga for self-fulfilment. In Eastern countries, yoga is known and practised through meditation or dhyana. In Western countries, yoga has become related to the follow of body postures (asanas), which have a diode to confusion and substitution of ideas. And asana, as a part of yoga, through the acquisition of stability of consciousness the mind can never be distracted by physical sensations. In this course, you will of course experiences deep and scared practices like yoga and meditation.

The first half, that is yoga, will be studied on yoga Ananas. You will be trained by the best yoga teachers of Rishikesh who are practising yoga since childhood. They will teach you Indian philosophy, yoga anatomy, physiology, Shatkarma, and Pranayama. The opposite half, that is meditation, will have the study of ten differing kinds of meditation like attentiveness meditation, sleep meditation, etc.


There's a special probability to immerse yourself within the advantages of Yoga and Meditation, to deepen, and, if you would like, to coach professionally.

Whether you have got expertise or not, the coaching of Yoga academics teaches you to use tools and ways to boost your normal life and also of your students.

The syllabus of this course makes the coaching gratifying, sensible, and extremely effective. simple and economical assimilation of the information imparted by our team that has intensive expertise and continuous coaching will enhance your learning experience.

A part of this knowledge could be a nice and innovative contribution to pre-existing knowledge intended by the fusion of assorted yoga systems and different connected techniques.

The complete coaching follows the rules of the teaching structure of organizations and organizations that attempt to regulate the standard of skilled Yoga education, like YOGA ALLIANCE.

In such a very important step in your Life i.e from the Ayuskama, we tend to suggest and encourage you to request data to confirm the standard of the coaching, qualifications, and also the teaching expertise of our trainers.




Course Date Private(Food & Room) Fees Share(Food & Room) Fees without Accommodation Fees Registration
1st July to 14th July 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2nd Aug to 15th Aug $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Sept to14th Sept 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Oct to 14th Oct 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Nov to 14th Nov 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Dec to 30th Dec 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
5 Jan to 31 Jan 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Feb to 28 Feb 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 Mar to 30 Mar 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 April to 30 April 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 May to 30 May 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 June to 29 June 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 July to 30 July 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 Aug to 30 Aug 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
5 Sept to 30 Sept 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 Oct to 29 Oct 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Nov to 30 Nov 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Dec to 30 Dec 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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Meditation in Rishikesh 2019
11 Mar to 20 Mar 2019: USD 1500 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 )