Meditation Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, india

Meditation Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, india

The Meditation Yoga Teacher Training course at Ayuskama aims to offer meditation and mindfulness classes in the sessions, workshops, and retreats of Hatha Yoga. Many published scientific types of research corroborate the high benefits of traditional sitting meditation, as well as secular mindfulness adapted to our society. This Specialization Course is designed to understand the effective practices and phases that encompass the practice of meditation and mindfulness, brought to the West by the hand of great Yogis and that are currently being developed.

Those who have experienced the benefits of the practice of meditation and mindfulness experience greater mindfulness, greater calmness, greater awareness of the body, emotions, and mind, greater vitality, concentration, and a better relationship with oneself, with others and in any situation. It helps to cultivate an innate, integral and conscious wisdom that is characterized by its clarity, openness, and compassion.

Meditation Yoga Teacher Training seeks to recover what has been lost, and that is key to living consciously and free of stress.

Meditation offers:

  • Sequences and scripts of meditation
  • Breathing exercises (advanced pranayamas)
  • Energetic exercises in movement and sitting
  • Mudras, meditative asanas, visualizations, specific mantras, and sequences for meditation sessions.
  • Meditation pedagogy
  • Practical and theoretical material necessary to offer meditation classes and workshops in a context of Yoga

It also includes a combination of meditative practices, theoretical-practical pedagogical supervision, experiential dynamics, and research processes and meditative group integration. For the residential modality, it also includes circles of Vedic fire (meditation agnihotra), spaces of silence for psychological self-inquiry and rest, and the practice of asanas, yoga nidra, conscious feeding, contemplative walks, and external mindfulness activities in nature.

For an instructor or teacher of Yoga, allows you to integrate outside and within their classes and workshops, an integrative, transformative and regenerative practice as well as living an enriching personal experience.

This course offers intensive training to teach the science and art of meditation from the Yoga tradition and to teach meditation classes and mindfulness practices applied in different areas of life. Meditation classes are taught with precise and effective sequences and with a biological, scientific, psychological and spiritual foundation. Its contents have been updated with the latest scientific research, allowing a great familiarity with the development of the teachings and philosophy of the Yoga tradition about meditation and mindfulness, its relevance to the world today, and its application in Hatha Yoga contexts.

DURATION: Four weeks (Sundays off)

1200 USD

(without food & accommodation)

1600 USD – Prior booking recommended.

(with food & accommodation)

Who is this Specialization Course for?

Specially focused on Yoga Instructors and Teachers with specific titles from any school or Yoga Teacher Training Center who wish to obtain the tools to introduce Meditation in Yoga sessions and workshops, as well as to obtain pedagogical skills, instructions and guidelines in this specialization.

Focused equally to professionals of any area or people interested in deepening in Meditation.

Will I get any Certification?

For Yoga Instructors and Teachers who can accredit their training with a minimum of 200 hours, this course grants the qualification of Specialized Instructor in Meditation and Mindfulness.

For practitioners, therapists, other professionals and anyone interested, they receive a Certificate of Specialization Course in Meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is called the art of awareness, being in silence, observing the nature of your mind. Stay in silence, dive in and observe everything that happens in consciousness. As a result, we gain a transcendental state, a state outside of the everyday mind, a state outside of personal perception.
Historically, many outstanding personalities from Alexander the Great to Nikola Tesla were looking for answers to the questions of the universe through meditation. In the modern world, to increase the possibilities and efficiency of life, many professions, from athletes to cosmonauts, practice meditation.
Even if you remove the higher goals and new possibilities of consciousness, which are provided by the correct practice of meditation, meditation is the best way to relieve chronic stress and develop resistance to stress! Meditation is a set of techniques in yoga and other disciplines of human development, the essence of which is to bring the mind into a clear and focused state.
Meditation is the highest method of yoga for self-realization. In the East, yoga is understood and practiced through meditation or dhyana. In the West, yoga has become associated with the practice of body postures (asanas), which has led to confusion and substitution of concepts. And asana, as part of hatha yoga, through the acquisition of stability of consciousness, in which the mind is less distracted by physical sensations, only helps to plunge into a meditative state. In this, of course, as the name itself suggests, you will be given deep and sacred practices like yoga and meditation.
The first part, which is yoga, will have to study on yoga Ananas, Indian philosophy, yoga anatomy & physiology, Shatkarma, Pranayama, Learning Theory and lessons on how to teach who will teach our team the best yoga teachers Rishikesh practicing yoga since childhood or in connection with it, since a very young age. The other part, which is meditation, will have the study of 10 different types of meditation, which are mindfulness meditation, sleep meditation, etc., to name a few, will be taught by renowned lecturer and philosopher.


This is a special chance to immerse yourself in the benefits of Yoga and Meditation, to deepen and, if you wish, to train professionally.
Whether you have experience or not, the training of Yoga Teachers teaches you to use tools and ways to improve your standard of life and that of your students.
The didactic of the course makes the training enjoyable, practical and highly effective, achieving easy and efficient assimilation of the knowledge imparted by our team that has extensive experience and continuous training. Part of this knowledge is a great and innovative contribution to pre-existing knowledge motivated by the fusion of various yoga systems and other related techniques.
The complete training follows the guidelines of the teaching structure of organizations and organizations that try to regulate the quality of professional Yoga education, such as YOGA ALLIANCE.
In such an important step in your Life that from the Ayuskama, we recommend and encourage you to request information to ensure the quality of the training, qualifications, which imparts it and the teaching experience of the trainer. All this research will help your choice be wise, and your effort and dedication will be matched with quality and satisfactory experience and knowledge.




Course Date Course Fees Registration
20th Mar 2019 to 16th Apr 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
23rd Apr 2019 to 21st May 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
2nd Jul 2019 to 30th Jul 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
3rd Aug 2019 to 31st Sep 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
4th Sept 2019 to 2nd Oct 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
7th Oct 2019 to 4th Nov 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
8th Nov 2019 to 5th Dec 2019 1200 / 1750 USD
9th Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 1200 / 1750 USD

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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Meditation in Rishikesh 2019
11 Mar to 20 Mar 2019: USD 1500 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 )