Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Treining in Rishikesh, India 2019-2020

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Treining in Rishikesh, India

This course is made for those who enjoy and like good physical shape, in addition to wanting to understand the wisdom of this tradition and who intend to teach it. It is true that it is a very demanding yoga style, this is one of its characteristics, but it does not have to be limited to an elite of students. We would like to make all the benefits of this practice accessible to any student who would like to approach this style of Yoga. Hence the interest we put in adapting and facilitating the practice.
This is your chance to know the wonderful world of Ashtanga Yoga.

Course focus

The advantage of this formation is the possibility that it offers, through Progressive Yoga, to modify the traditional Asanas, managing to make a large number of people eligible for the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, once too demanding for many Yoga lovers.

This training includes the teaching of the modifications that allow the practice of Asanas of the first and second series in an adapted form, as well as a multitude of optional variables and additions that will enrich your practice and help you to deepen the incredible world of Yoga.
We also add in the training methodologies of Healing, Meditation, and Vital Alchemy, creating a practitioner and professionals with a broad base and with the ability to know how to correctly flow and shape the sessions according to their students and abilities.

The training of Ashtanga Yoga Progressive Instructors is a very versatile double training, which will allow you to apply the knowledge of Dynamic Yoga to all types of students and your personal practice, learning from the base to the advanced forms. Also included are notions of YOGA-COACH, specialized training in adjustments, very useful and important for all Yoga teachers who want quality teaching.
Recommended for all those who wish to refine and deepen their practice and all those Yoga teachers who wish to specify and improve their training. Especially recommended for teachers of Postural Yoga (Hatha Yoga), managing to improve their teaching quality enormously.

Purpose of Ashtanga Yoga

Coming to a true yogic lifestyle

The main goal of Ashtanga Yoga is to help the practitioner to grow into a true yoga, shaping his inner world. Becoming a true yogi consists of physical, psychological and spiritual processes that are triggered by the system, ethics, and discipline of traditional science of Ashtanga yoga. The heart and the body form the yogi because one is complemented by the other. Ashtanga yoga kindles inner light and creates a sacred space for the evolution of yoga.

Energy direction

Ashtanga yoga intensively forms channels throughout the body, through which prana flows, and directs the entire flow to mental and spiritual activities that help to achieve the inner self. This is done to get rid of the illusion and reach the stage of full awareness. The process of forming prana channels is impossible without the help of Ashtanga Yoga.

Body and mind training

When, during the practice of Ashtanga yoga, the energy reaches the brain, creative and intuitive potentials are released, while the delusion and distracting stimuli disappear. The mind acquires an incredible concentration, exposing the soul with the help of a drishti. This is another divine appointment.

Body pain relief

The heat created during the practice of Ashtanga yoga spreads through the body, stimulating various systems, energy centers, and organs. As a result, the body and mind inevitably get rid of diseases and constant pain.


4th Sep 2019 to 2nd Oct 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
7th Oct 2019 to 4th Nov 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
8th Nov 2019 to 5th Dec 2019 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
9th Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
13 Jan 2020 to 10th Feb 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
14th Feb 2020 to 13th Mar 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
17th Mar 2020 to 14th Apr 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD
20th Apr 2020 to 18th May 2020 $ 1900 USD $ 1500 USD $ 1200 USD

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

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