300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh, India 2021-2022

The 300 hour Yoga teacher training is renowned for its advanced training and also for its great faculties. In this 300-hour yoga course, you will be learning about the principle of yoga at an advanced level, the practice of Hatha yoga and Pranayamas. This course will also teach advanced Hatha yoga asanas, yogic philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and also the skills of corrections.

In this course, the students are provided with certificates which will be very beneficial if they want to teach anywhere around the world. Our school of yoga is accredited to Yoga Alliance International. Join our 300-hour yogic course and Ashtanga teacher training course to get the 500-hour certificate. The course is very beneficial for all the students, the level of students doesn't matter. The teachers who have done 200 hours of Yoga teaching training are also eligible for this course.

Requirements And Results

  • You must finish your graduation in 200 hours teaching training course for 'RYS 200'.
  • You must know the basic knowledge of English. Although English doesn't need to be your first language you must know the basics of English as the course will be taught in English.
  • The learner should be mentally as well as physically capable to bear the intensity of the advanced yoga teacher training course.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed for this course.


There are several benefits from this course like your personal practice will quickly get advanced. You will receive in-depth knowledge of yoga. Your theoretical knowledge will be enhanced after this course. As a yoga teacher, you will be more confident to teach the students. This course will act as a revision of the previous course which will help in going further ahead in the course.


After the completion of this course, you can apply for the RYT 300. You can also get registered yourself for RYT500. Also, you can teach yoga at an intermediate and advanced level.


This course has :

  • coverage of 300 hours of training which is very intense.
  • 270 hours classroom classes
  • 30 hours of non-contact.
  • internationally renowned
  • according to International standard

Unique Offerings Of Our Study Program:

  • The program offers yoga training to train individuals according to the fundamentals of yoga and Ayurvedic science.
  • The 300 hours long laboratory course is based on the curriculum of the past three decades of research of the school of Mystic Arts.
  • A comprehensive syllabus that built you as a perfect, safe, knowledgeable, compassionate yoga teacher.
  • The course is based on the understanding of our human body system. Also, it's based on the needs and capabilities of each person.
  • The experience and integrated knowledge make your yoga training well.
  • This course pays attention to its every student. Every student will get personal attention.
  • There are various specialized resources in this course that enriches the learning of students.
  • The community found in the yoga school is impeccable. The network you build here will be remembered for a lifetime. Here each member will get and also provide support to Clear the highest social potential via yoga.
  • Don't limit your learning to yourself only. Take it too for some social work. Participate with a group for good deeds. Place where you can do this social work are hospital, homes, aging population, schools, etc. Teach yoga there for free. This will not get you more leanings but blessings also.

DURATION: Four weeks (Sundays off)

$ 600 USD

(without food & accommodation)

$ 1099 USD – Prior booking recommended.

(Sharing with food & accommodation)


For those who are interested and want to move themselves to a higher level of spirituality and physical practices, then the course is for them! The course is for the ones who want to improve their teaching skills and want to become professional yoga training experts.

The program has a coverage of 300 hours. It has great learning of yogic lifestyle, practice, theory, and philosophy. All these features of the course make it worth joining. It will build a strong foundation of basic teaching and learning techniques in you.



$ 1099 USD (With Food & Sharing Accommodation) $ 600 USD (Without Food & Accommodation)

Course Date Private(Food & Room) Fees Share(Food & Room) Fees without Accommodation Fees Registration
1st July to 14th July 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2nd Aug to 15th Aug $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Sept to14th Sept 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Oct to 14th Oct 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Nov to 14th Nov 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
1st Dec to 30th Dec 2021 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
5 Jan to 31 Jan 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Feb to 28 Feb 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 Mar to 30 Mar 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 April to 30 April 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 May to 30 May 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 June to 29 June 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 July to 30 July 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
4 Aug to 30 Aug 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
5 Sept to 30 Sept 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
3 Oct to 29 Oct 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Nov to 30 Nov 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD
2 Dec to 30 Dec 2022 $ 1099 USD Not Applicable $ 600 USD

Course Availability: See live date of the course

Eligibility: No prior knowledge required.

Fill your details in the application and click here to know more.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh 2019
11 Mar to 20 Mar 2019: USD 1500 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 )